Includes these features and much more!

Mobile device ready so your visitors can buy on the move!

Mobile Device Ready New

Link your exciting products to social media sites

Link Social Media New

Customise and add links, buttons and functions

Customise Links and Buttons New

Secure online shop content management system

Secure Content Management System

Simple customisation of your online shop pages

Simple Shop Editor

Easily adjust your SEO keywords and descriptions

Website Meta Data

Customers have simple or advanced search options

Shop Search Options

Use our advanced shipping and delivery methods

Online Shop Shipping and Delivery

Visitor post product reviews and can use their wish list

Shopping Reviews and Wish List

First class support with a Flexe template or custom ecommerce website design

Flexe Shopping Cart is one of Australia's most popular ecommerce website software solutions. This exciting software provides an exciting and robust online store solution for your store. Flexe has propelled an enormous number of small to medium sized businesses to success online! We are an ecommerce website design company that is based in Sydney, but we have LIVE ecommerce sites across the length and breadth of Australia, and beyond! Flexe Ecommerce website design enables businesses to quickly and simply set up their ecommerce stores by easily integrating into their existing site, or as a completely new online store using the Flexe online store software alone.

You'll find that Flexe Ecommerce Software has all the great features you have come to expect on today's best knows websites. If you are a client and wish for a new feature, let us know and we'll be sure to include it in our next ecommerce software upgrade.

Build your new ecommerce website with a Flexe ecommerce website design and you'll see why so many Australians are choosing the amazing support, and professional dedication that the Flexe team of ecommerce developers in Sydney can offer. Speak to our friendly support staff. We'll get you online and selling your products to the world in no time at all!

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