Online store not attracting customers?

With so much competition in the online shopping market these days, it is very important for your online store to make its presence loud and clear on the internet. Flexe shopping cart ecommerce software incorporates so many of the very latest features when we create your online store that will help your business to spread its wings all over the web.

Although we recommend an effective search engine optimisation strategy with a professional Ecommerce SEO company, we create all online stores using the best practices to make your website easily indexed by search engines and appear well in searches. However, these days, onsite work is not enough for get top ranking.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Search engines are scanning your website’s entire footprint across the internet and many offsite factors such as social media, link building and online reputation contribute to where your site ranks for your keyword choices.

Flexe ecommerce software not only makes your shop mobile-device-ready, it is also integrated to your social media sites. You are also able to link your products to social media sites and your visitors can share them. Nicely increasing your website popularity! Our easy-to-use CMS makes the customisation of your online store pages simple, allows you to adjust your SEO keywords and descriptions, adds advanced shipping and delivery methods and much, much more! You will find out why Flexe Ecommerce Software is an industry leader in ecommerce innovation and provides personalised customer service unmatched by any ecommerce company in this industry. We have worked hard for 10 years to achieve our excellent reputation!

Choose Flexe Ecommerce Software to create and promote your business on the internet at very affordable prices. Have a look through our site at the great features available to you and check out what some of our online shop owners are saying about their online website stores. We would love to hear from you. Give us a buzz to see how we could help you to create an online store, and drive loads of traffic to it!

Tips for Success: Creating an Online Store.

Considering the benefits of online selling over traditional storefronts, the growing popularity of online selling comes as no surprise. While ecommerce has made it convenient for the customers to buy all types of products in the comfort of their homes, it has also opened a door to success for online businesses. Selling products online has become a necessity for many businesses. However, this has also increased the competition and made it difficult for new businesses to to get find success with selling their products online.

When it comes to online selling, a lot of planning is required. How will I find new customers online? How can I increase profits? The following items are worth considering and these tips may prove to be immensely useful for your new online businesses.

  • Careful analysis of your business. Get a clear understanding of the specific requirements of your business and build a model for your online enterprise.
  • Create a visually stunning website. Utilise a professional online store template software, or the services offered by a professional and experienced ecommerce web design company.
  • Use social media! Social media opens great potential and will prove helpful with gaining quick exposure.
  • Writing your own product descriptions. You are passionate about your products, and this will come across in your writing.
  • Target the right customers. It’s important to clearly define your customers and target them at all platforms.
  • Keep things simple. This is important for any online business. Ensure that website is easy to navigate, user-friendly and not messy.
  • Avoid abandonment by ensure that the checkout procedure has the shortest number of steps, is obviously secure and very simple. Unnecessary details and complexity is likely to put customers off.
  • Provide the best customer service. With such strong online competition, if your customers is not 100% satisfied with their purchase, they are unlikely to return.
  • Optimise your website for search engines. Choose the best keywords, and ensure that you receive regular reports from your Ecommerce SEO Company.

With a careful planning and understanding of how things work on the web, you can make your online business a roaring success. Carefully choose the services of a professional SEO company that you have done a background check on and can trust.