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Add Customised Notices – New Feature!

A brand new feature has been added to your Flexe v3 online store software.

It’s called Pop-Ups & Notices.

With this, you are now able to add a Pop-up Message or In-page Notice to any page within your Online Store.

You can set it to appear on any main page, or even individual product pages. Anywhere! You can also choose whether you want to make the notice only appear once to a customer, or every time that they visit that particular page. It is also flexible enough to allow you to set a start and end date for the notice to appear. For example, you may want to make an announcement about an upcoming product related to a particular item that will stop showing the day your product arrives for sale in your online store. Or, you could set up an announcement about an upcoming sale, and set the notice to automatically stop showing on the day after your sale.

  1. Log into your Flexe Control Panel
  2. Click ‘Media’
  3. Then ‘Pop-Ups & Notices’
  4. Enter the name and settings for this new Message
  5. Click ‘Add’
  6. After it has been Added, it will appear in the list of messages.
  7. Then click little edit icon to add the actual message.
  8. Click ‘Save’
  9. That’s it! Too easy!

Here at Flexe Online Store Software, we constantly adding new online shop features.

If you have any ideas for improvement of our online store software, or a requirement for a feature that is not yet available, get in touch.