How to Create a Successful Online Store

Online Store for Website


You have seen the offers. “Online Store for Website!or “Start Selling Online!”  There are so many options for setting up an online store nowadays and many of them deliver their own unique advantages over operating a physical storefront.

When you start selling online, you open up to a much larger audience of clients and provide increased convenience, compared to using traditional marketing methods. If you are using Ecommerce software to run your online enterprise, we recommend that you following these proven steps to optimise your chances of succeeding online.

Online Store Software - Point 1 Identifying a Need and Meet It

A majority of individuals launching an online store make the error of first seeking out a product and marketing it next. Begin with a market as this helps boost your success chances. The idea is to find a niche of individuals seeking to solve a given problem. Look for hints on the internet by consulting online forums, checking out potential competitors and performing keyword research.

Online Store Software - Point 2 Writing Copy which Sells

A proven formula for sales copy takes visitors through the process of a sale, starting from their point of arrival to successfully guiding them to make a purchase. Here are some pointers.

  • Arouse interest with a compelling headline
  • Describe the need for which your product meets
  • Establish your credibility in resolving the problem
  • Add testimonials from happy individuals who have used your product
  • Talk about benefits of the product to users
  • Make an offer that is hard to pass up
  • Make a strong guarantee
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Ask for the sale

Your objective is to place focus on how your product or service will be useful in providing a solution to a particular problem or need.

Online Store Software - Point 3 Designing and Building your Website

There are many companies providing ecommerce software in Australia. Take care when selecting a reputable web designer. Communicate your needs clearly from the outset, and they will be able to design a website to suit your small business. Try to keep your new website simple, as you only get a small amount of time to capture the attention of online users. Include a maximum of two plain fonts on white background and employ clear and simple navigation on all pages. Ensure that you have only high-quality product photos, and try to interact on a more personal level with customers through your blog, social media marketing or email marketing. Choose a slick website theme or employ a graphic designer to create a custom website theme to perfectly suit your business.  Ensure that the colour scheme integrates well with your company logo and correctly portrays your company and products. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable ecommerce software company that has been around a while and will provide a good level of support.

Online Store Software - Point 4 Make Use of Search Engines to Drive Buyers to Your Website

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers the quickest and easiest way of attracting traffic to a brand new site. It can however be the most costly option and needs careful set up in order to minimise spend. This technique delivers two primary advantages over relying on the influx of organic traffic. First is that PPC ads show up immediately on search engines. Secondly, these ads allow for testing of different keywords, together with prices, headlines and selling approaches. The online store software that you use should allow you to carry out some onsite optimisation that will help with attracting new traffic through organic search.

Online Store Software - Point 5 Project Yourself as an Authority within Your Niche

People use the internet for finding information. Providing such information, free of charge to other websites such as open blogs, allows you secure more traffic while simultaneously boosting your search engine rankings. Each tit-bit of information should link up to your site. Search engines recognise quality links, and will reward your websites with improved rankings.

Online Store Software - Point 6 Converting Visitors into Buyers through Email Marketing   

Building an opt-in list using online store software or email marketing software is a powerful asset for any commercial website. In essence, it implies that your subscribers and clients are happy enough to give you permission to sending them further information about the happenings within your business. Individuals that signup to your mailing list are a very promising lead. As such, do ensure that regular mail-outs are sent, with well-written content.

Online Store Software - Point 7 Increase Revenue via Up-Selling and Back-End Sales

Developing the lifetime value of every customer is among the most vital strategies for performing successful internet marketing. Research shows that a good percentage of your previous clients will return for a second purchase if you conduct proper follow up on them. Back-end selling and up-selling are great ways of achieving this goal. You may also provide freebies with orders, and keep in touch with them post sale to enhance their chances of return and to stop them from forgetting your business.

So there you have it. Now it’s time to put some or all of these recommendations into action in your business. We are sure that they will help greatly in setting up your successful online store website.

Social Media Marketing: Hype or Real?

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Can Social Media Marketing realy help to grow your ecommerce business?

Contrary to the beliefs of some naysayers – including more than a few mobile e-commerce software companies – social media is a valid marketing channel that is here to stay. From an online marketing perspective, it is growing remarkably quickly. Companies are now able to reach their target audience and communicate with them on a level that they have never been able to reach before. This is why so many companies are now turning to social media marketing in order to reach their target audience and entice them to their mobile online shop or desktop ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Website Designer 1 Expanding Your Target Audience
Any e-commerce software company will tell you that widening your target audience is a great way of getting people to visit your mobile online shop. When you are using traditional methods of advertising, being able to achieve this can be incredibly difficult. Whenever you create an advert, it has to target a specific audience and that is that. Thanks to social media marketing and advancements in mobile e-commerce software however, businesses are now able to attract anyone they want to their site and turn visitors into potential leads. Because of this, the task of targeting a particular group of people has become easier, and subsequently, a following audience is also easier to build.

Ecommerce Website Designer 2 Opening the Doors for Communication
When you are hosting for e-commerce, you know that having lines of communication open at all times can be very beneficial for any business, regardless of what industry they are operating in. Any e-commerce software company will tell you that having the lines of communication open with current and potential customers is a great way to keep in touch or convince people to come over and use your online store. Knowing that they are able get in touch with you whenever they like is very appealing to customers, who may otherwise feel they have to jump through hoops in order to get your attention. With social media however, they can quickly and easily send you a message or post a comment and you can respond to them. Maintaining your social media profiles is a simple way of keeping the lines of communication open, while at the same time building a strong trusting relationship as well.

Ecommerce Website Designer 3 Affordable Marketing Platform
As a user of online store software with hosting for e-commerce, you’ll want to be able to save money where you can. This is particularly true if you are running a small business website and you do not have a lot of money to spend on your online presence. With social media however, you are able to set up accounts for free and start reaching out to your audience without any costs.

While it is tempting to get in touch with a social media expert at an online marketing company, there is nothing about social media marketing that you cannot learn from reading a few articles online. Once you feel comfortable, you will be able to handle the entire social media marketing aspect of your ecommerce website yourself without it costing you a penny. The only thing you will be really giving up is your time in order to do it. Considering the positive effect that good social media marketing can have on a business, it would certainly be time well spent.

Get in touch by email or call us on 1300 788 567 if you would like to fast-track the learning process. If you are a client of Flexe Ecommerce Software or BlueSoap Website Design, our friendly technical consultants are always at your disposal.

Your Online Store… Your look!

Ecommerce Store Design

New Ecommerce Website Design… flexibility is key!

When many people attempt to create an online shop, they make the mistake of thinking that because they are using an e-commerce template or some form of e-commerce shop software, they have to abide by a certain strict design. This is completely untrue. Regardless of which online shop design you are using, you have the room to personalize your online store look and feel to make it appear exactly how you want it to.

Wide Range of Ecommerce Templates
Depending on the e-commerce shop software you are using, when you create an online shop there are usually a wide range of templates to choose from. In fact, there are whole websites that offer a range of free templates that can be very helpful for anyone looking to create a unique look and feel for their site. The majority of them are quite easy to install, so it will not take long to implement them and see if you think that the template you have chosen is right for your site. The great thing about online shop design is that you have a little room to be creative, so do not worry about what kind of template you use. As long as you find one that you think suits you and your online store objectives then you will be fine.

Nuts & Bolts of your Ecommerce Site Layout
An e-commerce hosting template will often come with set graphics as part of the package. While this can be quite helpful, it doesn’t mean that all of the graphics will suit all the e-commerce companies that want to use the template. The good news is that you do not have to use the graphics if you do not want to. You can remove them and still keep the template you like, then replace the graphics with something you find more appealing. Again, there are a wide range of sites that offer free graphics that are ideal for e-commerce company’s templates. Some of these graphics can be a little more difficult to set up and put in place, but in most cases it is worth that little bit of extra effort to get everything right.

Don’t Be Afraid To Edit Your Online Store Template
Remember that even when you are designing a website, a template is just a template. It should be considered a solid starting point for your new online store rather than the finished product. Otherwise, you could find yourself looking around for the ideal template for a long time, unable to find one that matches your ideas and tastes perfectly. This is why you should not be afraid to edit a template. Even if your site ends up looking nothing like the template you had in place when you started, at least it helped put you on the right track to getting the ecommerce website you wanted. In some cases, you may even find that it is only one small aspect of the template that you actually like. It is all about trial and error until you get exactly what you are looking for, so don’t be afraid to start changing things with your template.

Once piece of advice is to ensure that the ecommerce software company that you are using offers accessible and professional support. Make sure that you are not going to be left on your own if you ever run into difficulty.

Should my Online Store be Responsive?

The Internet has opened up a wealth of possibilities for people looking to start a new business or expand an existing one, the ability to sell products and services globally with a very small monthly cost is revolutionary and has enabled countless people to start their own businesses and find worldwide success.

The attractions are very obvious in terms of improved lifestyle and possible monetary rewards, with the ability to start your own business and be control of your own future being. It is no surprise that many have jumped at the chance. Taking the plunge to create an online store however, needs a little forethought, and whilst ecommerce software makes the job much easier, being able to create an online store is only one of the steps to be taken. The Internet is often called a level playing field, in that a website does not necessarily indicate the amount of money or people behind it, rather the amount of effort taken to design it well, so time taken here to create a professional looking, well-structured online store can allow you to compete with anyone. There are certain issues that have come along with the rise in use of mobile devices to access the Internet, and this is the one we will look at now.

Build a Responsive Ecommerce Website

Build a Responsive Ecommerce Website

Today you will often hear people talking about responsive websites, especially in relation to ecommerce, and many people especially those new to the concept of an online store for websites may even wonder what a responsive website actually is. The term refers to websites that can adapt automatically to the device it is being viewed on, so whether it is viewed on a small mobile phone screen or a large desktop screen, or indeed anywhere in between, it remains as clear and usable regardless of the resolution and dimensions is being viewed at. This does require certain considerations during the design process, although using the right ecommerce web design software can help achieve this automatically, and although even five years ago the idea of a responsive website would be nothing but a footnote to a design idea, today it really is essential.

Using ecommerce software to create an online store that is responsive is inadvisable in today’s market. A larger and larger percentage of visitors to all sites, including ecommerce sites, are from mobile devices of one kind or another. Whether it is mobile phones or tablets, the smaller screened devices are becoming the prominent way for people to access the Internet.  As such, not catering to them directly is simply giving away sales. If someone browsing on a tablet arrives at your site and the site is displayed awkwardly and difficult to read due to it not being responsive, then chances are that your visitor will simply go to another site. However, ensuring that the site adapts well to your visitors device will mean they stay, browse and perhaps purchase from you.

Flexe online store software for ecommerce sites enables you to build a fully responsive online store website with ease, even if you have little experience.  Ensure that whoever visits your online store sees it just as you intended.

Should I Build a Template or Custom Online Store?

The Internet has seen the world get smaller, and opportunities for everyone to get much, much bigger. Where once you needed a large investment to set up a small retail business, now you can get a website fully enabled for ecommerce for a small monthly fee. Using online store software, also known as ecommerce software, anyone can have a site up and running in a small amount of time with their products available to the whole world. This kind of service for entrepreneurs was unheard of even 20 years ago, and the options now give anyone a chance to be successful when they create an online shop.

Online Store Software

Create Online Store using a Template?

Before launching into the Internet, the first step is to create an online store, using ecommerce web design software that guides you through the process. Here you will find your first real choice, whether to use one of the basic templates included in the ecommerce software, or create an online store that is a little more unique by taking the custom route.

There are benefits to either choice, using a template makes the process of building an online store for websites much simpler, however the custom route allows you to create something with more of a unique look, which may help your branding. Obviously this is a decision you need to make before creating your online shop, the last thing you want to do once it is active is to be rebuilding it completely soon after, as any downtime is lost revenue.

For anyone completely new to ecommerce web design software and it is their first attempt to create an online store there is a lot to be said for the template. It guides you through the process and gives you a clear indication of what you need to put where to make an effective shop. Most online shop software is usually very good, however this aspect is lacking when creating your custom online store and can leave those not used to web design little lost unless you have really good, personalised support. In this respect creating a store through a template is a very good choice, allowing you to have a fully functional online presence very quickly and without the need to really understand the principles of web design that garner the best public response.

The downside of the template is that your site can look much like others, and for those looking for something unique the custom online store is most definitely the answer. Ecommerce web design software can help you a lot in the creation of your custom site, however the ultimately design is down to you and you will need to have some idea on what you want before you begin the process. Although harder work and can be somewhat time consuming, for those with the experience to take on the design job, online store software can allow you to create a unique online shop for your business.

Flexe Online Store Software are one of the most prominent suppliers of ecommerce software in Australia, and their Shopping Cart ecommerce software allows you to create an online store simply and effectively for little cost and big rewards. Get in touch today to discuss how quickly and easily we could have your new online store up and running.

Excite Your Online Store Customers!

If you wish to survive in today’s highly competitive business world, merely running your brick and mortar shops well is not enough. There is an increasing inclination of people towards shopping online rather than wandering into physical stores. As more and more people choose to buy everything from home utilities to clothes and electronics online every kind of retail business needs to have an online store to cater to the demands of its online audience.

But, it doesn’t stop there.  It is also essential to ensure that your online store is a memorable online shopping experience for your customers. You want them to have a good time in your online store, and return. You need to use a top Ecommerce Software that has all the features to provide a fulfilling shopping experience.

Creative Ecommerce Website Design

Creative Ecommerce Website Design

Our ecommerce software has been years in the making, with a dedicated team of ecommerce professionals taking their ideas to reality. The team of highly skilled graphic design professionals will make sure your online store has the WOW factor, and your customers will feel at home browsing your selection of products.  We have put a lot of thought and planning into the best and easiest ways to navigate online stores, and these ideas will be integrated into your new online store.

With Flexe Ecommerce Software, you can choose from the template designs, or if you are looking for a more customised solution, we will assign a dedicated Graphic Designer onto a style that is perfectly tailored for your business. From day one, we will be in constant contact with you to ensure your new website is exactly what you want and need to be successful online. Let’s discuss all the best options to create your online store, and also work out the best strategy to get traffic to it. We have all the answers to your ecommerce and online store queries for you and are only a phone call away.

How to Reach your Target Audience

Ecommerce businesses have become massively popular across the globe. The entire process of online shopping has made it convenient for customers to get hold of virtually any product they wish to buy. With the enormous trend to sell products online, the result is that not just the buyers are benefitting, but also the sellers.  Selling online can be highly profitable as the setup and maintenance costs are low. Also, there are ongoing fees such as bricks and mortar shop rental and staff wages. Sellers are also able get good prices online for their products.

Online Shopping on an Ecommerce Website

Online Shopping on an Ecommerce Website

As a result, many Ecommerce Software providers have popped up across the globe with varying levels of service.  You can create a completely template driven ecommerce website that is customisable to a certain degree. These online stores are quick to setup and are very economical. Perfect for the start-up!

Ecommerce software provider also provide fully customisable Ecommerce website solutions that allows you to create an online store that is completely designer around your business, styles and built exactly to your requirements. This option is not as quick, or cheap to setup, however may offer you with particular functions that your business specifically requires. With a fully customisable shop design as well as a user-friendly content management system, we assist our clients to operate a successful online business that are able to tap into precisely the right targeted market online. In other words, with Flexe Ecommerce Software, you can easily reach your customer segment, wherever they are around the world.

The amazing thing about Flexe Ecommerce Software that sets us apart is that it that we provide and create ALL TYPES of online stores. From template ecommerce websites that get you online and selling in a jiffy, to complex custom ecommerce solutions with all the bells and whistles you could ever dream of.  We are a complete ecommerce website provider.

Get in contact with us right away for more information on how to create an online shop; or just have a look around our informative website.

Tips for Success: Creating an Online Store.

Considering the benefits of online selling over traditional storefronts, the growing popularity of online selling comes as no surprise. While ecommerce has made it convenient for the customers to buy all types of products in the comfort of their homes, it has also opened a door to success for online businesses. Selling products online has become a necessity for many businesses. However, this has also increased the competition and made it difficult for new businesses to to get find success with selling their products online.

When it comes to online selling, a lot of planning is required. How will I find new customers online? How can I increase profits? The following items are worth considering and these tips may prove to be immensely useful for your new online businesses.

  • Careful analysis of your business. Get a clear understanding of the specific requirements of your business and build a model for your online enterprise.
  • Create a visually stunning website. Utilise a professional online store template software, or the services offered by a professional and experienced ecommerce web design company.
  • Use social media! Social media opens great potential and will prove helpful with gaining quick exposure.
  • Writing your own product descriptions. You are passionate about your products, and this will come across in your writing.
  • Target the right customers. It’s important to clearly define your customers and target them at all platforms.
  • Keep things simple. This is important for any online business. Ensure that website is easy to navigate, user-friendly and not messy.
  • Avoid abandonment by ensure that the checkout procedure has the shortest number of steps, is obviously secure and very simple. Unnecessary details and complexity is likely to put customers off.
  • Provide the best customer service. With such strong online competition, if your customers is not 100% satisfied with their purchase, they are unlikely to return.
  • Optimise your website for search engines. Choose the best keywords, and ensure that you receive regular reports from your Ecommerce SEO Company.

With a careful planning and understanding of how things work on the web, you can make your online business a roaring success. Carefully choose the services of a professional SEO company that you have done a background check on and can trust.