How to Create a Successful Online Store

Online Store for Website


You have seen the offers. “Online Store for Website!or “Start Selling Online!”  There are so many options for setting up an online store nowadays and many of them deliver their own unique advantages over operating a physical storefront.

When you start selling online, you open up to a much larger audience of clients and provide increased convenience, compared to using traditional marketing methods. If you are using Ecommerce software to run your online enterprise, we recommend that you following these proven steps to optimise your chances of succeeding online.

Online Store Software - Point 1 Identifying a Need and Meet It

A majority of individuals launching an online store make the error of first seeking out a product and marketing it next. Begin with a market as this helps boost your success chances. The idea is to find a niche of individuals seeking to solve a given problem. Look for hints on the internet by consulting online forums, checking out potential competitors and performing keyword research.

Online Store Software - Point 2 Writing Copy which Sells

A proven formula for sales copy takes visitors through the process of a sale, starting from their point of arrival to successfully guiding them to make a purchase. Here are some pointers.

  • Arouse interest with a compelling headline
  • Describe the need for which your product meets
  • Establish your credibility in resolving the problem
  • Add testimonials from happy individuals who have used your product
  • Talk about benefits of the product to users
  • Make an offer that is hard to pass up
  • Make a strong guarantee
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Ask for the sale

Your objective is to place focus on how your product or service will be useful in providing a solution to a particular problem or need.

Online Store Software - Point 3 Designing and Building your Website

There are many companies providing ecommerce software in Australia. Take care when selecting a reputable web designer. Communicate your needs clearly from the outset, and they will be able to design a website to suit your small business. Try to keep your new website simple, as you only get a small amount of time to capture the attention of online users. Include a maximum of two plain fonts on white background and employ clear and simple navigation on all pages. Ensure that you have only high-quality product photos, and try to interact on a more personal level with customers through your blog, social media marketing or email marketing. Choose a slick website theme or employ a graphic designer to create a custom website theme to perfectly suit your business.  Ensure that the colour scheme integrates well with your company logo and correctly portrays your company and products. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable ecommerce software company that has been around a while and will provide a good level of support.

Online Store Software - Point 4 Make Use of Search Engines to Drive Buyers to Your Website

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers the quickest and easiest way of attracting traffic to a brand new site. It can however be the most costly option and needs careful set up in order to minimise spend. This technique delivers two primary advantages over relying on the influx of organic traffic. First is that PPC ads show up immediately on search engines. Secondly, these ads allow for testing of different keywords, together with prices, headlines and selling approaches. The online store software that you use should allow you to carry out some onsite optimisation that will help with attracting new traffic through organic search.

Online Store Software - Point 5 Project Yourself as an Authority within Your Niche

People use the internet for finding information. Providing such information, free of charge to other websites such as open blogs, allows you secure more traffic while simultaneously boosting your search engine rankings. Each tit-bit of information should link up to your site. Search engines recognise quality links, and will reward your websites with improved rankings.

Online Store Software - Point 6 Converting Visitors into Buyers through Email Marketing   

Building an opt-in list using online store software or email marketing software is a powerful asset for any commercial website. In essence, it implies that your subscribers and clients are happy enough to give you permission to sending them further information about the happenings within your business. Individuals that signup to your mailing list are a very promising lead. As such, do ensure that regular mail-outs are sent, with well-written content.

Online Store Software - Point 7 Increase Revenue via Up-Selling and Back-End Sales

Developing the lifetime value of every customer is among the most vital strategies for performing successful internet marketing. Research shows that a good percentage of your previous clients will return for a second purchase if you conduct proper follow up on them. Back-end selling and up-selling are great ways of achieving this goal. You may also provide freebies with orders, and keep in touch with them post sale to enhance their chances of return and to stop them from forgetting your business.

So there you have it. Now it’s time to put some or all of these recommendations into action in your business. We are sure that they will help greatly in setting up your successful online store website.

Your Online Store… Your look!

Ecommerce Store Design

New Ecommerce Website Design… flexibility is key!

When many people attempt to create an online shop, they make the mistake of thinking that because they are using an e-commerce template or some form of e-commerce shop software, they have to abide by a certain strict design. This is completely untrue. Regardless of which online shop design you are using, you have the room to personalize your online store look and feel to make it appear exactly how you want it to.

Wide Range of Ecommerce Templates
Depending on the e-commerce shop software you are using, when you create an online shop there are usually a wide range of templates to choose from. In fact, there are whole websites that offer a range of free templates that can be very helpful for anyone looking to create a unique look and feel for their site. The majority of them are quite easy to install, so it will not take long to implement them and see if you think that the template you have chosen is right for your site. The great thing about online shop design is that you have a little room to be creative, so do not worry about what kind of template you use. As long as you find one that you think suits you and your online store objectives then you will be fine.

Nuts & Bolts of your Ecommerce Site Layout
An e-commerce hosting template will often come with set graphics as part of the package. While this can be quite helpful, it doesn’t mean that all of the graphics will suit all the e-commerce companies that want to use the template. The good news is that you do not have to use the graphics if you do not want to. You can remove them and still keep the template you like, then replace the graphics with something you find more appealing. Again, there are a wide range of sites that offer free graphics that are ideal for e-commerce company’s templates. Some of these graphics can be a little more difficult to set up and put in place, but in most cases it is worth that little bit of extra effort to get everything right.

Don’t Be Afraid To Edit Your Online Store Template
Remember that even when you are designing a website, a template is just a template. It should be considered a solid starting point for your new online store rather than the finished product. Otherwise, you could find yourself looking around for the ideal template for a long time, unable to find one that matches your ideas and tastes perfectly. This is why you should not be afraid to edit a template. Even if your site ends up looking nothing like the template you had in place when you started, at least it helped put you on the right track to getting the ecommerce website you wanted. In some cases, you may even find that it is only one small aspect of the template that you actually like. It is all about trial and error until you get exactly what you are looking for, so don’t be afraid to start changing things with your template.

Once piece of advice is to ensure that the ecommerce software company that you are using offers accessible and professional support. Make sure that you are not going to be left on your own if you ever run into difficulty.

Online store not attracting customers?

With so much competition in the online shopping market these days, it is very important for your online store to make its presence loud and clear on the internet. Flexe shopping cart ecommerce software incorporates so many of the very latest features when we create your online store that will help your business to spread its wings all over the web.

Although we recommend an effective search engine optimisation strategy with a professional Ecommerce SEO company, we create all online stores using the best practices to make your website easily indexed by search engines and appear well in searches. However, these days, onsite work is not enough for get top ranking.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Search engines are scanning your website’s entire footprint across the internet and many offsite factors such as social media, link building and online reputation contribute to where your site ranks for your keyword choices.

Flexe ecommerce software not only makes your shop mobile-device-ready, it is also integrated to your social media sites. You are also able to link your products to social media sites and your visitors can share them. Nicely increasing your website popularity! Our easy-to-use CMS makes the customisation of your online store pages simple, allows you to adjust your SEO keywords and descriptions, adds advanced shipping and delivery methods and much, much more! You will find out why Flexe Ecommerce Software is an industry leader in ecommerce innovation and provides personalised customer service unmatched by any ecommerce company in this industry. We have worked hard for 10 years to achieve our excellent reputation!

Choose Flexe Ecommerce Software to create and promote your business on the internet at very affordable prices. Have a look through our site at the great features available to you and check out what some of our online shop owners are saying about their online website stores. We would love to hear from you. Give us a buzz to see how we could help you to create an online store, and drive loads of traffic to it!